Dr Christoph Agten, Expert MSK Radiologist
I help radiologists to increase their confidence and speed in MSK radiology.
How is your confidence in MSK MRI?

My name is Dr Christoph Agten and I help radiologists to increase confidence and speed in MSK MRI by case-based teaching and feedback.

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The Virtual MSK Fellowship is accredited by the European Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education (EACCME).

Testimonials: See what my fellows say about the virtual MSK fellowship and how it impacted their life.

Trishanti from Trinidad & Tobago
💬 Thanks Chris, for all the effort on putting this course together, the content of the modules and Q&A sessions are amazing.
Since starting the course my confidence reading everyday cases has increased, even to the point that now I am comfortable on discussing and explaining most of the findings with most of my colleagues and referring physicians. The fellowship environment is safe and engaging even if it is your first time facing MSK cases and pathology. 
Thank you all! 
Jose Aragon from Costa Rica
Ron from United States
Canuto from Botswana
Esteban from Ecuador
Matt from United States
Elena from Germany
Adam from Australia
Jawad from UK
Catherine from Switzerland
Nikolaus from Switzerland
Veronica from Malta
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