About Dr Christoph Agten
Dr Christoph Agten is a musculoskeletal radiologist from Switzerland. He passed his radiology board exam "summa cum laude" and won the prize for the best exam in 2013. He did MSK fellowships in Zurich, Switzerland and New York, USA.

Christoph runs the largest MSK YouTube Channel (www.youtube.com/c/DrChristophAgten) and is a best-seller author with his book "SPEED - MSK RADIOLOGY" on Amazon. He co-founded ARISTRA, a radiology start-up company in Germany and Switzerland and serves there as the expert MSK radiologist and teleradiology director. On Patreon Christoph has about 100 people that support his YouTube Channel with monthly pledges.

Christoph helps radiologists worldwide to become the MSK radiologists they always wanted to be.

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